In Progress

  • Jim is currently working on a his next book about life in the house he grew up in in St. Paul, Minnesota. Growing up in a single parent home with five siblings provides plenty of entertaining material. His work has brought him back in touch with life in the 70's. This is not always a good thing, mind youHe is currently deep into the editing process with hopes of achieving publication by year end 2017.  
  • He is awaiting publication on a poetry series titled On a Road, a play on Kerouac's Beat novel.
  • He recently had a story accepted for inclusion in an anthology on spirituality.
  • He has a few short stories about nefarious, deviant clowns that he is trying to publish.
  • A future project Jim is pondering is re-casting a book his late-uncle Jack wrote but never published. His thought was to re-write every other chapter as kind of a collaborative/co-authored project. This project is strictly a long-term dream of his at the moment.
  • In addition to these projects, he has a few memoir stories and poems in the works at any given time.